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Technical SessionThe 2019 SME Annual Conference & Expo and CMA 121st National Western Mining Conference is proud to present technical sessions hosted by some of the leading industry innovators from around the world. All technical sessions will be held at the Colorado Convention Center.

Commodity and Mineral Outlook
Miners of the Future: Challenges of Attracting New Talent in a Competitive Marketplace
Technology in Mining
State and Federal Mining Policy Update


A Review of Refuge Chambers in Underground Coal
Accessing Capital in the Ever Changing Energy Landscape
Application of CFD in Mine Ventilation
Atmospheric Monitoring Systems in Underground Coal
Automation Innovation and Current Developments
Best of Ground Control
Coal and Energy Innovation: Thinking Forward
Coal Mine Reclamation
Coal Mine Safety & Health
Coal Preparation and Advances in Clean Coal Technologies
Coalbed Methane, Shale Gas, & Carbon Sequestration
Dust Control
Energy Resiliency & Innovation: The Case for Coal
Energy: Geothermal Innovation
Innovations in Coal and Coal Byproducts Separation Technologies
Innovations in Underground Coal Mining
Mine Emergency Response
Rare Earth Elements in Coal
Research and Development

"Walk Away" Pit Lake Closure; Successes and Failures
Abandoned Mine Lands - Closure and Reclamation
Baseline Studies in the Era of Big Data
Biodiversity, Off-sets, and People: Sustained Engagement with Communities.
Effective Permitting Strategies for Capital Projects
Holistic Mine Water Management
In-Pit Mine Waste Storage Facilities
Innovating Analytical Measurements and Procedures Creating Solutions in Mining and Processing
Innovations in Mining to Drive Sustainable Business Value
Innovative Water Treatment
Mine Waste Profitability
Mine Water: Friend or Foe Surface Placement of Paste and Cemented Paste: Promising Technology or Pie-in-the-Sky?

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Advances in Flotation
Comminution Trends and Challenges
Innovations, IT & Minerals Education
Mineral Processing and Renewable Energy: Challenges and Opportunities

CMSP Best Practice Sharing
Compliance is Not Enough! Safety Culture Transformation
Disruptive, Virtual, and Augmented Reality: The 4th Industrial Revolution
Emergency Management and Response Planning
Health and Safety Training and Development
Industry Discussion of Practices to Understand and Improve Miners’ Health
National Occupational Research Agenda and the Future of Miners' Health

Applications of Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence in Industrial Minerals & Aggregate Industry
Digitization, Automation & Control Strategies, PART I: Geology and Mining
Digitization, Automation & Control Strategies, PART II: Processing and Applications
Emerging Practices in Reserve Estimation Methodologies for Industrial Minerals and Aggregate Resources
Energy and Critical Materials
Fracking Materials
Health and Safety in Industrial Mineral and Aggregate Operations Innovations in Industrial Minerals & Aggregates Industry
Mine Planning, Design and Operations
Physical Separations in Industrial Minerals Processing
Sustainable Developments including Environmental Remediation & Water Management Resources
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The Digital Journey: Cross Cutting Innovation and Technology that Impact H&S
Geosciences: Geology of Base Metals Deposits
Geosciences: Geology of Gold Deposits
Geosciences: Geology of Strategic Mineral deposits
Geosciences: Microanalytical Techniques in Mineral Exploration
Geosciences: Resource Geology & Geostatistics
Geosciences: Surface Mine Geotech
Geosciences: Underground Mine Geotechnical
Innovations & Technologies: Advances in Space Mining: Maturing Markets and Technology Readiness Levels
Innovations & Technologies: Automation in Mining: The Present and The Future
Innovations & Technologies: Data Driven Innovation: Inspiration to Action
Innovations & Technologies: Emerging Technologies and Engineering Advancements: Challenging the Status Quo
Innovations & Technologies: Technology Implementations: The Field Experience
Innovations & Technologies: Technology Innovation and Applications: Gaining Value from Fleet Management Systems
Management: Economic Diversification of Mining Communities
Management: Leadership Matters: Developing a Well Rounded Workforce
Management: Mine Management in a Digital World: How Embracing Innovation has Challenged Management Systems
Management: Slide Rules to Big Data: The Evolution of Technical Knowledge in Mining
Management: Striving for Excellence: Case studies of successful Continuous Improvement Initiatives
Management: This is My Job and Here's Why I love it. A look at Early Career Choices with Mineral Industry Degrees
Operations: Blasting
Operations: Efficiency Gains Through Automation and Innovation
Operations: Managing Risk Through Communication
Operations: Mine Data Management
Operations: Mine Scheduling and Optimization
Operations: New and Expanding Mine Operations
Operations: The End of the Line: Tailings Basins and Mine Closure
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MPD Plenary
Chemical Processing: Hydrometallurgy
Chemical Processing: POX
Chemical Processing: Pyrometallurgy
Chemical Processing: Secondary Value Recovery
Flotation: Chemical Aspects of Flotation
Flotation: Flotation Equipment
Flotation: Operational Aspects of Flotation
Physical Separation I: Physical Separation Technologies and Projects in Mineral Processing
Physical Separation II: Gold Process Flowsheets - Gold Recovery with Adsorption (Desorption Recovery (ADR) Circuits
Plant Design
Current Research Activities and Research Needs in Mining and Minerals Industry Research: Geometallurgy
Case Studies
Lessons Learned