Advertise with SME

Advertise with SME & Expand Your Marketing Matrix

Build a comprehensive plan to elevate your presence at MINEXCHANGE and leverage advertising channels to amplify your conference profile pre and post-conference.

Reach your marketing goals and align your message with the trusted and reliable voice of the industry.

From brand awareness and lead generation to thought leadership and product promotion, we offer avenues to connect with the audience you need. SME’s flagship publication, Mining Engineering, offers many new opportunities to connect with your clients directly on SME platforms. Design a cross-platform marketing program that delivers exclusive access to mining, mineral, and exploration professionals. Learn more about advertising opportunities with the official publication of MINEXCHANGE, Mining Engineering.

Contact Gary Garvey at for details.

Advertising opportunities include:

  • Mining Engineering
  • ME website ads
  • eNewsletter ads
  • Product Showcase
  • Client-provided Content
  • Career Center